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Train to Sóller

Taking the train from Palma to Sóller

written by Es Príncep / January 27, 2023

Trains have a special charm.

Getting on them has become a kind of time travel, hand in hand with a means of transport that reclaims slow living and rejects urgency, appeals to the power of the landscape and the beauty of shared time.

In the world we live in, travelling by train is only suitable for people who can isolate themselves from the haste, noise, and stress. For all those who bet on a less accelerated, more sustainable, more enjoyable world.

One of the great railways, cultural and tourist jewels of Spain is in Mallorca: our beloved Sóller Train, a wonderful wooden train that has been operating between the city of Palma and the Port of Sóller since 1912.

From Es Príncep, we want to invite you to discover how much beauty fits in a journey that, for more than 100 years, crosses the Serra de Tramuntana and its spectacular landscapes. A journey full of magic, history, and memories of an unforgettable past.

The train, which has its first stop at the Plaza de España, covers the 27.3 kilometres that separate Palma from Sóller, passing through the Sierra de Alfàbia. A route full of unique landscapes, ideal for enjoying the journey and not just the arrival.

At Es Príncep, confessed lovers of slow tourism and things with soul, we are aware that travelling is no longer just about going from one point to another, but it is also about making the way and enjoying it. Travelling is looking out the window and commenting on the landscape, it is admiring the route and longing for every minute. Travelling is recovering the luxury of time: reading, sleeping, writing, painting, talking and, why not, enjoying silence.

For this reason, we invite you to make the decision to spend a day travelling through time. Dedicate one of your days in Mallorca to discover the Serra de Tramuntana, Sóller and its multiple charms, boarding the tram that will take you to Port de Sóller and once again enjoying a world without hurry and with great calm.

It's not necessary to see everything, but to see it well.

Travelling from Palma to Sóller by train is the best way to discover an island that, although modern, sophisticated, and always on the cutting edge, still has the charm, magic, and elegance of the past.

Are you in?