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Terraces in Palma

Do you already know the best terrace in Palma? We'll show you

written by Es Príncep / April 13, 2021

Roof terraces undoubtedly have a certain something that makes them unique.

Maybe it's the bird's eye view of the city, the rooftops within easy reach or the impact of the sky on our senses. All roof terraces, regardless of their size, orientation or condition, have that charm that makes them so special.

At Es Príncep, we also know how to take you from our roof terrace in Palma to the sky.

Are you coming?

the best terrace in Palma

Unsurpassable views of Palma Bay, a menu full of top-quality products, good cocktails and the best atmosphere: four essential elements to find the best terrace in Palma.

Almaq is all that and much more.

Almaq is synonymous with relaxation and on 12 May we open the doors once again after months of uncertainty, noise and a certain bleakness. We are more ready than ever to share the hope and joy we have gathered recently.

From our rooftop terrace, we invite you to breathe and enjoy once again the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, the serenity and the long awaited and longed for normality. We invite you to marvel at the red sunsets, the smell and even the taste of the calm sea and the rooftops of the old town.

At Almaq, we want to accompany you from breakfast to vermouth and from lunch to dinner, with cocktails at sunset as the crowning glory.

Almaq is undoubtedly a terrace that must be experienced. Every time you visit, you discover something new. It is incredible by day and by night, and also in every season (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Almaq has become a meeting place for people of all ages and nationalities. Couples, families and friends who manage to make this terrace in Palma one of the most special corners of the city. It is also one of the largest in Palma, so safety is more than guaranteed.

Think it's time to enjoy the city again? Don't think twice, we're waiting for you at Almaq!

Book your table and fall in love again with this city that, little by little, is beginning to awaken from its lethargy.