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Where to Enjoy the Best Breakfasts in Palma

written by Es Príncep / April 01, 2024

It was said that to start the day off right, one should have breakfast like a king. At lunchtime, it was important to eat like a prince and be content with dinner, having the diet of a beggar. It was said, because nutrition has changed a lot, and breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day, as all meals now hold the same importance.

Nevertheless, at Es Príncep, we recognize life's greatest pleasures at a single glance, and a good breakfast is undoubtedly one of them. Let us tell you where to find the best places to enjoy it in Palma.

La Molienda, the Kingdom of Great Coffee

Coffee reigns supreme over all breakfasts, and at La Molienda, it is the undisputed king. You'll find two establishments of this brand, one located on Bisbe Campins and the other on Archiduque Luis Salvador Street.

La Molienda's secret lies in the roasting of the coffee, sourced from different parts of the world, each with its individual profile, aiming to highlight all the nuances of each one.

Their menu is also quite healthy, balancing between sweet and savory with options like toast with sprouts, avocado, salmon, as well as porridge with fruit or yogurts with seeds. Scrambled eggs or burgers, all original and with their own character, complete a breakfast fit for champions, those who take care of themselves.

Mama Carmen’s, Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfasts

The best way to start the day includes a good amount of protein and quality fats, regardless of whether they are of animal or vegetable origin. Mama Carmen’s is a charming establishment in Santa Catalina where specialty coffee lovers gather every day.

Moreover, they prepare delicious smoothie bowls and healthy, flavorful pastries. One of the classics is the Spicy Pumpkin Latte, which initially sparked curiosity but has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Cinnamon rolls and butter-free croissants compete healthily with hummus and original pasta salads, perfect for starting the day or for snacking at any time.

Es Vaixell, the Best Llonguets in Palma

Es Vaixell is located on Vicari Joaquim Fuster and, in addition to its excellent coffee, offers a variety of what many have rated as the best llonguets in Palma. Let's remember that a llonguet is a typical bread roll from Ciutat, with a fluffy and tender crumb and a crispy, firm crust.

With sobrasada, ham and cheese, tomato, and tuna, mahonés... there are no limits as there are no ingredients that cannot be combined in one of these excellent sandwiches.

Es Príncep Rooftop, Luxury Breakfast Overlooking Palma Bay

Es Príncep Rooftop has been acclaimed as the best place to have breakfast, brunch, or aperitif in all of Palma, as well as the perfect setting to enjoy, front-row, the best sunsets in the city, while savoring a refreshment or a delicious cocktail.

High-quality cuisine, charming pastries, and the finest coffees and juices are skillfully combined, alternating island products with international touches that give the palate the fusion flavor that is so pleasing to those who come here to have breakfast.

Why not have a look at their menu proposal? You'll surely want to book a table and enjoy the best breakfast in Palma.