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CLASSY Classic cocktails to die for

From Wednesday to Saturday 19:00-24:00h
Cocktail Wizardry

Nothing says luxury city break like sipping on flawlessly executed cocktails while enjoying a laidback vibe and sumptuous surroundings to match. Cocktail connoisseurs the world over will affirm that 5 star hotel bars still dominate the classic cocktail scene and Palma’s Gremium is no different. However, as artists -in suit and tie- with a thirst for the classics our bartenders are both able to impress with old-time masterpieces as with contemporary concoctions. Most of Gremium’s mixologists have not seen much daylight in the past decade as they were already stirring it up in Spain’s hottest bars years before Palma’s cocktail scene started to boom.

One of Palma’s best guarded secrets is hidden behind our reception area as here is where cocktail aficionados can revel in the well-crafted mixtures Gremium is celebrated for.

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