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Muslim Palma
A Tour of Palma and the Fountains and Water Channels from the Arab Era
written by Es Príncep / July 09, 2024

Palma hides secrets from all the cultures that have lived in its streets. Today we want to focus on the fountains and water channels, remnants that the city preserve...

Mallorcan Crafts
Typical Mallorcan Crafts You'll Want to Buy
written by Es Príncep / July 01, 2024

One of the charms of living in Mallorca, whether temporarily or permanently, is immersing oneself fully in its culture, traditions, and typical crafts—an array of o...

Es Portitxol
Discover the Fishermen’s Neighbourhood of Es Portitxol
written by Es Príncep / June 25, 2024

In Mallorquín, the language of the island, "portitxol" means little port or small harbour. The name perfectly suits this tiny old fishermen’s neighbourhood, which you can...

San Juan
Bonfires and Magic: The San Juan Festival in Palma
written by Es Príncep / June 18, 2024

The summer solstice in Mallorca has a special name: the night of San Juan. Every town is filled with people and joy, fire and magic, to celebrate one of the most special...


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