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Culture plans
Cultural plans during your vacation in Palma
written by Es Príncep / October 20, 2020

Palma is a city in constant motion. A diverse and changing city that offers customized plans for every visitor.
At Es Príncep we believe that nature, sea, mountains,...

Breakfast in Palma
One of the best breakfasts in Palma
written by Es Príncep / September 22, 2020

There are pleasures in life that are comparable to few things. Simple and worldly pleasures that, understood as small daily luxuries, are capable of providing something v...

Night stroll in Palma
Best places for a night walk in Palma
written by / September 02, 2020

Cities usually show us two different faces depending on the time of day. The brightness of the clear days compared to the nightly intimacy of the street lights.The darkne...

​To eat, to drink and to live
Andreu Genestra and Felip Llofriu: fresh fish in Es Príncep
written by Es Príncep / August 12, 2020

To eat, to drink and to live.Three elements that come together in a single concept when you enter Es Príncep: Enjoyment.We believe that gastronomy, good gastronomy, is an...


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