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Palma in Christmas

Palma Dresses Up for Christmas

written by Es Príncep / November 26, 2023

Following the traditional lighting ceremony, Palma dresses up for Christmas. The city has adorned itself with over 250 linear kilometers of garlands and no less than 600 luminous modules: balls, crowns, stars... Scenarios where you can capture a photo when the evening turns into night, before or after a stroll through the center.

And, of course, not to miss any decorative element, part of the charm of these days is concentrated in the enormous Christmas tree that is installed, as is customary, in Parc de les Estacions. This structure, 23 meters high, has a central aisle about three meters wide, completely illuminated to create the illusion, for a few minutes, of being inside a huge Christmas ornament.

The Best Plans to Enjoy Christmas in Palma

The shop windows, the lights, the joy that prevails in the streets... all invite you to explore Palma's most exclusive stores to think about or find the perfect gift. If you want to make the right choice, don't miss this post where we tell you where to find the most stylish gifts this Christmas.

In addition, until January 6th, Palma becomes a huge craft market: Plaza Mayor, Vía Toma, Plaza de España, Plaza de la Porta Pintada, and Plaza del Mercat are the stage where more than 130 stalls are distributed to offer different Christmas alternatives and gifts.

Leather goods and all kinds of leather accessories, ceramics, nativity scenes, lights, shepherds, and cribs made with the most diverse materials, but also scented candles, exclusive jewelry, and many sweet counters form the atmosphere of these days in the city.

Christmas in Pueblo Español

Have you ever visited this miniature Spain? Pueblo Español is like a theater stage, where different corners of Spain succeed one another. Here you can travel from Seville to Toledo, go to Valencia, Navalcarnero, Zaragoza, or Burgos in just a few minutes and see a replica of their most famous monuments.

In this almost magical environment, the Christmas Market of Pueblo Español takes place, and since the winter weather in Mallorca is not too harsh, the days will be enlivened with artificial snow and the typical hot wine usually served at this time of year in the fairs of northern European cities.

The little ones or those with a sweet tooth can replace wine with hot chocolate while strolling among the Christmas stalls or participating in the numerous children's workshops that will be held during the holiday days.

To Get Away from Palma

Not all the fun centers around Palma and its surrounding neighborhoods. In Palmañola - about 20 kilometers from the city - Christmas Wonderland is organized, one of the most anticipated plans.

Among the stalls of a medieval market, visitors can taste a hot drink or a typical sweet from the time and enjoy one of the most magical activities of December.

The more daring can skate on a real ice rink, and the luckiest may see Santa Claus pass by, who is planning a visit to this festival but has not yet confirmed the date or time.

Which plan are you signing up for these days?