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Art galleries in Palma

Art galleries in Palma

written by Es Princep / May 22, 2019

There is no doubt that Palma de Mallorca offers incredible architecture, cosmopolitan shops and an excellent gastronomic scene but if there is one thing that the city is underestimated for it’s the art scene. Palma has evolved into a meeting point for many local and international artists who have grown a love for the island’s artistic flair and come here to present their latest works of art at renowned events, such as the Nit de l’Art, or at one of the islands dynamic art galleries.

In the heart of the city, hidden amongst the narrow cobblestoned backstreets of Palma’s old town and within a short distance from Hotel Es Princep, these galleries offer a unique cultural experience exhibiting art works of all different styles by international artists. Every year thousands of visitors and art lovers visit to appreciate these paintings, sculptures and installations. Among the few we have selected three “must visit” galleries that promise a one-of-a-kind art experience and who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding that distinctive feature for your home.

Gallery Red

A unique addition to Palma’s art scene. Founded by the American entrepreneur and art collector Drew Aaron, Gallery Red combines iconic art with fashion and interior design creating this new and exclusive concept. 

Standing for modern elegance, distinct designs and vibrant colours and exhibiting a luxury lifestyle of not only artwork but furniture and luxury accessories. Among other well-known artworks you will find recognizable paintings and sculptures by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst or David LaChapelle at Gallery Red.

Gerhardt Braun Gallery

Located in an imposing Majorcan townhouse from the seventeenth century on Carrer Sant Feliu. Gerhardt Braun Gallery has welcomed many well-known international artists over the past few years, including the German-born rising artist Leon Löwentraut. 

While the gallery focuses on contemporary artworks created by both well-established and emerging artists, founder Gerhardt Braun himself also enjoys design, fashion and architecture.

Aba Art Lab

Since its humble beginning as a local contemporary art gallery in 2004 Aba Art Lab has since evolved into a global art exhibition, curating and production company that focuses on contemporary art and photography as well as site specific pieces. 

At their exclusive exhibition spaces located near the Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina you will find innovative works of local and international contemporary artists.

If you are a modern, contemporary art lover, the surroundings of Hotel Es Princep are ideal to turn your stay into a cultural experience!