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A tour of Palma's most chic bookstores

written by Es Príncep / April 08, 2024

The poet Gloria Fuertes once said, "A child with a book of poetry in their hands will never have a weapon in them as an adult." Reading is one of the most beautiful pastimes for those who appreciate it from childhood. Preferences don't matter: poetry, drama, novels, essays... nor the language they're written in.

April is, in many cities, the month of books and bookstores, and at Es Príncep, we want to take a stroll through Palma's trendiest establishments. Will you join us?

English Fine Books, saved at the last moment.

English Fine Books is located on Calle Morey in Palma, behind Plaza Santa Eulalia, and is a sanctuary that was on the verge of disappearing when its owner retired. A young couple decided to take on the challenge of taking over the bookstore, and today we have it back in all its splendor, offering literary archaeological treasures to the public such as a first edition of "Fiesta" by Ernest Hemingway or a copy of "You Only Live Twice" by Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond character.

More than 100,000 books converge on the three labyrinthine floors of the bookstore, full of shelves of all sizes and books from all eras, written in English, Spanish, Catalan, or Scandinavian.

A place to dive into and find small and great treasures of literature from all times.

Akzent, bookstore and language school

Although focused on the German market, in this cozy bookstore, attached to a language school, we can find publications in English, Spanish, and Catalan, among other languages.

It has a section of fiction and non-fiction literature, they are responsible for recovering books that have been discontinued, and they offer a wide selection of volumes for language learning.

Additionally, you can enjoy the pleasure of reading a little more by savoring a coffee or tea, or a soft drink in the bar area available to customers.

La Casa del Libro, a paradise for voracious readers

When one enters La Casa del Libro, there is a danger of completely losing track of time. This bookstore located on the avenues of Palma is a compendium of volumes and copies for all ages and tastes.

The children's book area is so extensive that a complete study must be done before deciding on a story for the little ones; for young people, it is best to be advised by the salespeople, and adults have a whole world at their disposal through written pages.

The bookstore is pet-friendly, so you can visit it accompanied by your pet. Additionally, it organizes meetings and cultural activities that are very difficult to resist: book presentations for all ages, book clubs, signings with authors... and a whole host of possibilities.

Like all bookstores in the country, our three recommended bookstores as the chicest in Palma are gearing up to celebrate Saint George's Day when they will take to the streets to offer the latest releases, but also lifelong stories to compulsive or occasional readers who go in search of their next literary adventure.