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Where to buy and taste olive oil in Mallorca

written by Es Príncep / April 26, 2023

The olive tree is a symbol of longevity, prosperity, and fertility. It is no wonder that this tree, which can live for more than a thousand years, can withstand the fiercest storms, and has an abundance of flowers that provide good harvests, is highly regarded.

Its leaves are a symbol of peace, and the oil that comes from its fruit is like rays of sunshine from the Mediterranean captured in a bottle. In Mallorca, the tradition of extra-virgin olive oil has been cherished over time. Today, the production is excellent, and the tafonas, places where the liquid gold is pressed and made, are part of the island's culture. Visiting them, tasting their products, and taking home a bottle is more than a mandatory excursion.

Finca Treurer: Experiences and Gastronomy for All Tastes

In the village of Algaida, you can find Finca Treurer, which offers different experiences where you can taste the oil in Mallorcan cuisine and buy a bottle to make any recipe unique once you're back home.

Their excursions include walks through the olive grove, learning to recognize authentic olive oil, and, of course, firsthand knowledge of the processes used to make the oil.

Son Catiu: Grilled Meat and Bread with Olive Oil

Son Catiu is one of the most modern oil mills in Mallorca. It was inaugurated in 2008 and has been producing extra-virgin olive oil ever since. Located between Inca and Llubí, it produces three types of oil: picual, arbequina, and coupage.

Its restaurant, pamboliería, is famous in the Raiguer region, not only for its excellent pa amb oli, but also for its selection of grilled meats, popular snacks, and pleasant summer dinners.

Aubocassa: History, Tradition, and Mallorcan Flavor

In Manacor, you can find the Aubocassa estate, which combines unique history, heritage, and agricultural exploitation. Here, you can enjoy different types of tastings to sample their oils, walk through the olive groves, learn about the ancient tradition of possession, and, of course, visit the store to buy a couple of bottles or more.

The tastings can be accompanied by selected wines from Bodegas La Horra and Bodegas Roda.

Following the Arab Tradition: Biniagual

In the 13th century, the Arabs planted the first olive trees on the Biniagual estate, which now has more than a thousand. The estate, located in Binissalem, is one of Mallorca's wine regions, and, as is traditional in the area, produces oil and wine.

For a time, the estate was abandoned, but a project was launched in 1968 to recover it and turn it into the proud possession it is today.

Caimari: At the Foot of the Tramontana Mountains

Just before the climb to Puig Major, you will find the village of Caimari, famous for its olives, olive oil, and olive products. For several years now, it has been the site of the Olive Fair, which takes place at the end of November and brings together the best olive products from all over the Balearic Islands and some estates on the mainland. Chocolate made with olive oil, cheeses, sausages, Inca biscuits...these are some of the products offered for tasting and buying during these days to experience a piece of the Mediterranean in a bottle.

Caimari's tafona is famous throughout the island, as well as its restaurant and store. Walking through the village is an added pleasure to this visit.