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Neighbourhoods Palma

What are the best neighbourhoods to visit during your holiday in Palma?

written by Es Príncep / February 11, 2021

Palma can be the perfect city to spend a few days on holiday. Long, blue days where time passes at its own pace.

Maybe it's the beauty of the neighbourhoods and areas, the unhurried rhythm of the streets, the Mediterranean light that illuminates every corner, or that certain something that cities touched by the grace of the sea have, in any case, Palma is a special city.

The capital of Mallorca, with more than 400,000 inhabitants, has a lot to offer: historical monuments, a wide range of restaurants and bars, cinemas, theatres, exhibition halls, markets and everything you could ask for in a city.

At Es Príncep, we recommend you start by discovering the best neighbourhoods in Palma so you can enjoy the city's charm.

  • 1.The Santa Catalina neighbourhood: this fishing neighbourhood is one of the most emblematic in the city. Exploring Santa Catalina is a ritual. The bohemian artists' quarter par excellence combines the tradition of the old fishermen who inhabited it with the modernity of an area that changes, grows and evolves every day. One of the biggest attractions is undoubtedly the restaurants that make Santa Catalina vibrate every day of the year and at almost any time of day.
  • Barrio de Santa Catalina Palma

  • 2.Sa Gerreria neighbourhood: The revival of a neighbourhood has a name: Sa Gerreria. From the decadence of earlier years, it has become one of the trendiest places in the city. Small squares full of restaurants, narrow streets, new and old buildings coexist in a district full of life and history.
  • Barrio Sa Gerreria Palma

  • 3.Portixol district: Es Portixol, an area of Palma overlooking the sea, is home to one of the busiest promenades in the city. Sportsmen, couples, tourists, locals, friends and families walk along the Portixol promenade and enjoy the sea all year round. The houses on the promenade and the characteristic smell of salt in every corner make it one of the most popular neighbourhoods for locals and visitors.
  • Barrio Es Portixol Palma

  • 4.Sa Calatrava neighbourhood: We at Es Príncep may not be entirely objective about Sa Calatrava as it is our own neighbourhood, but it is a real wonder. It is located in the old town, in the middle of a medieval setting and in one of the most authentic and historic neighbourhoods of the city. Its narrow and winding streets, its shops, exhibition halls, bars and restaurants, its proximity to the sea and the beauty of its buildings and old villas will make you fall in love with this area the first time you walk through it.
  • Barrio La Calatrava Palma

And if these four districts of Palma leave you wanting more, we invite you to continue your walk in the district of 
Sant Nicolau, another jewel in Palma.