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Es Príncep achieves one of the first Michelin Keys in Spain

written by Es Príncep / May 13, 2024

Es Príncep has achieved one of the first Michelin Keys distributed in Spain, making this luxury establishment one of the most distinguished in the country.

It's the first time that the famous Michelin Guide has expanded its well-known Stars, awarded to the most outstanding restaurants and chefs, to other areas related to gastronomy and tourism.

Zaranda's chefFernando Arellano, holds two of these prestigious distinctions, and now the hotel has become one of the nearly 100 luxury accommodations in Spain included in the select guide.

In Mallorca, only 19 hotels have been awarded the accolade, which is expected to become one of the most sought-after in the world.

Michelin Keys, what do they value?

The Michelin Keys are a recognition from the French guide for hotels that turn stays into meaningful and unique experiences for travelers. Each candidate has been examined and considered in five categories: interior design and architecture, personality and general character, quality and consistency of service, significant contribution to the guest experience in a specific environment, and value for money.

According to Michelin Guide examiners, the result of these distinctions comes after countless hours of evaluating the best and most extraordinary hotels in Spain.

Es Príncep, deserving of a Michelin Key

As explained in the guide, the picturesque old town of Palma, the beauty of the coast, and a unique way of understanding luxury, warmly rooted in nature, are three characteristics that are difficult to find, but which come together in all their splendor at Es Príncep.

"This elegant high-end boutique hotel, located above the ancient walls of Palma, is named after the prince who supervised its construction and later reigned under the name of Philip II."

The large windows, which open onto the Mediterranean and provide perfect natural light to the interior spaces, and a thoughtful and highly successful design that allows the sea to be seen from each room, have been other aspects highly valued by Michelin experts.

Additionally, the design and components of the rooms with elegant dark wood furniture, Nespresso machines available to guests, king-size beds, and exquisitely stone-clad bathrooms equipped with the latest technology, including underfloor heating and walk-in showers, have been considered.

The spa, located underground, the cocktail bar, or the Zaranda, also awarded with a Michelin Star, have also received praise from the guide, as well as the rooftop "the crown jewel, with a pool and a lively bar" which is advisable to arrive early as it is a highly popular space to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets.

It's the first time that the Michelin Guide has awarded this type of accolade, but we are confident that year after year, Es Príncep will continue to thrive and carve out a space among the best hotels in Spain.