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What to Do in Palma in Mai 2024

written by Es Príncep / May 06, 2024

The month of May invites you to see the city of Palma from a different perspective than in the winter months. The capital of Mallorca is a great place to visit museums, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions... but when the evenings lengthen and the good weather allows for outdoor plans, before the summer heat arrives, it's time to take advantage of making other kinds of plans.

How about a walk among the heights on the terraces of the Cathedral of Mallorca? Or a catamaran ride through the bay of Ciutat? Or perhaps you feel like visiting a spa to pamper yourself for a while.

Pay attention. At Es Príncep, we have many great ideas to enjoy Palma in the month of May this year 2024.

The Bay of Palma, from the sea and without engines on a catamaran

Have you ever been on a catamaran, with the engines turned off and the sails unfurled? It's a wonderful way to take a boat ride, without the mechanical noise of the engine and only with the wind and the water as background sounds, in addition to the occasional cry of a cheeky seagull demanding food.

In Palma, there are many establishments that offer coastal tours, from the capital to Cala Vella, Porto Pi, or Illetas, and many of them have equipment for snorkeling, if there is anyone brave enough to brave the still cold waters of the Mallorcan coast.

There is also food and drink service on board, and sometimes, a toast at a destination cove to complete the experience. The advantage of booking this plan in May is that there are not too many people occupying the beaches yet, so the excursion is quieter.

Let yourself be pampered at the best spa.

Another good option for the month of May is to dedicate a day to self-care, massages, and relaxation. In Palma, there are many urban spas where you can enjoy a few hours of respite from the worldly noise or the responsibilities of everyday life.

Psychologists advise taking time for oneself, and one way to do this is by booking an appointment at a spa. Perhaps a manicure or pedicure treatment, a mud bath, a facial... is just what you need to make your week perfect.

At the Congress Palace in Palma, located on the front line, there is one of these spas. You can also find another one on Palma beach, but we lean towards Coco Spa Oasis, whose name is very appropriate because it is a true oasis of calm, blending aromas, steam, and exquisite attention to leave completely renewed, both in body and spirit.

And when relaxation floods your soul, you can follow the advice we gave in this post to enjoy one of the best chocolates in Ciutat or a slushy, depending on the weather.

A walk among the heights of Palma from the Cathedral

From the beginning of May, the terraces of the Cathedral of Mallorca are open to the public again. We recommend you approach and reserve your half-hour in the heights to see up close what is guessed from below: the beauty of the huge rosette, the flying buttresses, the gargoyles, and the floral motifs that adorn the top of the temple.

From a bird's eye view, you can also fly over the rooftops of Palma and discover the charm of the old town from a completely different perspective than we are used to.

The bay takes on a new dimension, and never better said because the view is lost on the horizon, and, on a clear day, Palma from side to side shows its coast in a way never seen from ground level.

Take advantage of the excellent temperature in Palma in May and enjoy it in a different way.