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Spring in Majorca

Spring in Palma

written by Marta Pérez / March 25, 2019

‘Mientras haya en el mundo primavera, ¡habrá poesía!’

Just as the Spanish poem says, spring goes well with almost anything. Spring and poetry, spring and joy, fruits, fields and flowers, humour and love. Spring, with its colour and heat explosion, has the power to impress cities and inhabitants. A kind of natural alarm clock able to wake us from the (long) sleep of the (short) Mallorcan winter. It awakens us, triggers us and invites us to live life at a doorstep.

Palma, which is an incredibly beautiful city all year round, takes on a special shine in spring. A kind of first love blush.That brightness of which you do not want nor can hide your love.

The terraces are once again filled with people seeking for sunshine, the sea once again invites us to swim between its waves and Palma once again looks casual and bright with that light that takes longer and longer to go to sleep every day.

The spring brings with it the warmth and the locals and the (few) tourists who discover Palma, who coexist in open-air spaces. The island of calm, which is calmer than ever, offers its best side to anyone who wants to explore it.

Walking through its streets, going through its history and culture before the summer maelstrom starts is the most recommendable. The courtyards of the city centre are decorated and filled with poetry, music and relaxation. The beaches are home to the first brave people who dare to dive into the water and Palma embraces anyone who wants to pamper it.

Spring in Palma de Mallorca

From Es Princep, confessed lovers of the city at this time of year, we want to make a series of recommendations that will make you enjoy the most of all the options offered by Mallorca:

- A good breakfast while enjoying the sun on the terrace of Es Princep, a morning bike ride to the Portixol and a swim in the sea even in the calm that reigns in the morning.

- A stroll through Palma's historic quarter: the majestic Cathedral, the Almudaina Royal Palace and Bellver Castle. The Arab Baths, La Lonja and the gardens of the Parc de la Mar. Wander around them and don't let them find you.

- Hop on a wooden train from 1912 and get to Sóller. Once there, the port will welcome you and give you a memorable meal.

- Visit some of the beaches in the south of the island, Ses Covetes, for example, and take the first bath of the season. There is nothing better to end the day than with a paella by the sea.

- Visit Valldemossa. Wander through its streets, its corners and its history and pay tribute by having a bite of one of its famous coques de patata.

- The perfect ending to a perfect day: watch the sunset from the viewpoint overlooking Sa Foradada.

Enjoy Palma, get lost in its streets by day and by night, wander, discover and remember that, as Pablo Neruda said, you cannot keep spring from coming. Especially not in Palma.