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Truffles in Palma

Truffle season, where to taste this Mallorcan treasure

written by Es Príncep / February 05, 2024

You might not have known that some of the finest truffles in the world come from Mallorca, specifically from Inca. Their flavor is mild, saline, with hints reminiscent of seafood, and it is precisely these nuances that make them an almost unique delicacy for the island's gastronomy.

The fruit picking season has ended, and now, as we enter February, it's the perfect time to visit the best kitchens in Palma to savor the creations of its chefs.

Close to Es Príncep and the old town area of Palma, there are excellent restaurants where you can try dishes featuring truffles, whether they're from Mallorca, Italy, or France, which are the closest sources of this delicacy.

La Bottega di Michele, on the bustling Fábrica street

Our journey to taste the best truffle dishes begins at this Italian restaurant located on Fábrica street, a popular pedestrian area with establishments of all styles.

At La Bottega di Michele, you can enjoy pappardelle with shrimp, mushrooms, white truffle cream, and Parmesan cheese. Additionally, we recommend trying the organic egg scramble with mozzarella, seasoned with truffle oil as an appetizer, or the ravioli filled with white truffle or foie gras, accompanied by a mushroom, truffle, and Parmesan sauce.

Who could resist?

La Bodeguilla, Honest Cuisine on Sant Jaume Street

Taking a stroll through El Born and the streets behind the big clothing stores, you'll find La Bodeguilla.

Defined as honest cuisine, truffles are treated as a fresh product here to give the final touch to a tapa, meat, or fish dish. Examples include slow-cooked egg with foie gras and fresh truffle, or grilled sea bass with Mallorcan vegetables and truffle.

If you dine here, don't miss the chance to accompany these and other dishes with one of their excellent wines.

The Rooftop at Es Príncep, Facing the Sea, on the charming Bala Roja Street.

If there's one place worth having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, it's undoubtedly the Rooftop at Es Príncep.

Let's take advantage of the excuse of truffle season in Mallorca to enjoy unparalleled views of Palma Bay and the warmth of the February sun on our skin.

One of the specialties on the menu is the mini pizza with cream cheese and truffle, topped with arugula and Parmesan, a combination of tangy and robust flavors that the truffle softens. Also, don't miss the truffle and Parmesan french fries because... don't the simple and delicious fries also deserve the company of a five-star ingredient?

Truffles in Home Cooking

If you feel like preparing a truffle dish at home, we recommend, as they do at the Rooftop at Es Príncep, pairing it with a seemingly humble ingredient that has great potential in the kitchen: fried eggs.

The dish is prepared quickly, of course, by frying some eggs and serving them on a plate. While still hot, garnish them with small shavings of fresh truffle, creating a delightful combination of flavors.

If there's any truffle left, you can store it in the fridge, at least at 4°C, wrapped in a paper towel and inside an airtight container.

Enjoy your meal!