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Mercado Olivar
The Olivar Market: A Place to Enjoy the Best Products
written by Es Príncep / April 22, 2024

A market is a space that evokes childhood memories, of grandmothers with their wicker baskets and checkered fabric lining, of wheeled carts, gatherings, and greetings, of...

Book Fair
Exploring the 2024 Book Fair in Palma
written by Es Príncep / April 15, 2024

The 2024 Book Fair is gearing up in Palma, and at Es Príncep, we've wanted to find out everything about such a significant event, as well as take a stroll through th...

chic bookstores
A tour of Palma's most chic bookstores
written by Es Príncep / April 08, 2024

The poet Gloria Fuertes once said, "A child with a book of poetry in their hands will never have a weapon in them as an adult." Reading is one of the most beautiful...

Breakfasts Palma
Where to Enjoy the Best Breakfasts in Palma
written by Es Príncep / April 01, 2024

It was said that to start the day off right, one should have breakfast like a king. At lunchtime, it was important to eat like a prince and be content with dinner, having...


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