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Es Príncep
Cabrera, the elegant younger sister
written by Es Príncep / June 29, 2020

Do you remember the question we asked you almost four months ago? And you… what will you do when all this happens?We talked about staying in, embracing our lo...

The paradise
Mallorca is still a paradise
written by Es Príncep / June 10, 2020

Social networks have once again been tinted a Mediterranean blue. After a few months of just walls, windows and balcony concerts, Mallorca and its beaches are freshly aro...

The awakening of bar terraces
written by Es Príncep / May 19, 2020

These weeks, happiness certainly fits inside a terrace.Good weather has arrived right on time after a few months indoors. It comes along with a mad desire for outdoor din...

The Sea
The sea awaits us!
written by Es Príncep / May 08, 2020

The sea knows no boundaries and belongs to all who succumb to its charms. It's a way of life for each of us. And it is precisely this strong attraction that has the power...


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