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Palma in January

The best plans for January in Palma

written by Maya Deutsch / January 02, 2019

Once the Christmas Eve and New Year holidays are over, many will think that the celebrations are coming to an end, but they are wrong. It's the perfect time to get together with the locals during the festivities or "torradas" while the music plays and discover the different traditions that are celebrated during these times. The best of the year starts in January, when celebrations and events continue to be held in the capital of Mallorca, and we tell you what you need to know so that you don't miss any of them.

The arrival of the Three Kings

It's probably the most eagerly awaited magical date for families all year round. The tradition is typical throughout Spain, where the 3 Kings, Melchor, Baltasar and Gaspar, bring the children's Christmas gifts throughout the night of January 5th. It should be noted that this tradition is celebrated in most of the island's municipalities, but the parade is especially fascinating in Palma. With more than 13 carriages and almost 20 floral-themed groups, you will be able to see how they run through the streets of the city centre handing out sweets and gifts to everyone. You will be able to see how the enthusiasm is lived on the 5th of January from 18:00, and we recommend that you arrive early as some streets will be closed due to this event - a magical day for the youngest members of the family!

The arrival of the Three Kings

Sant Sebastià Festival

Eight days of concert! During 2 weeks, the metropolitan city of Palma will host dozens of musical groups, activities for residents and visitors, as well as exhibitions and musical and theatrical performances. The San Sebastian street party will be held on 19 January with various concerts and bonfires in numerous squares in the city centre. These are the bonfires and "dimonis" that stand out during the festivities, where you can share spicy sobrasada with the people, accompanied by wines and beers. However, you will be able to enjoy the fiestas for a long time, from 13 to 21 January you will be able to attend the most anticipated concerts and performances throughout the year.

Sant Sebastià Festival

The most traditional Mallorca ever

During this date you will be able to connect with the most traditional Mallorca of the 14th century with a dance called "Ball dels Cossiers" celebrated during the day of San Honorato. It is a very popular dance that has been preserved in different municipalities on the island such as Alaró, Algaida and Palma. The "cossiers" group is made up of 6 men, a woman and a "dimoni", who dance to the rhythm of melodies played by traditional instruments such as "xeremiers". It should be noted that the costumes are totally unique, as they are dressed in white with a lack of bright colours, as well as a girdle from which ribbons and mirror fragments are attached. Legend has it that the dances could be linked to pagan rituals of worship of the spirits of nature and you can watch the show on 16 January from 17:00.

There is no doubt that this Mediterranean jewel offers us an endless number of activities, events and performances, as well as family activities and much to discover from traditional Mallorca. And if you are even more eager to see and get to know the island, here are the 10 best things to do and see in Mallorca.

Many hotels decide to keep their doors open during the winter season, as many decide to visit the island and explore everything it has to offer. And what better way to do this than to stay in a magical place?